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Notary Resources & Training Information

At A1 Mobile Notary we want to stress to all Notaries how important we feel it is for

Please remember, even if your state does not have education requirements or required a test to obtain your Notary Commission, please remember that you have an Ethical Responsibility to the Public to provide Notary Services according to proper procedure and according to your State’s Laws and Regulations.

We have compiled a listing of different types of resources for Notary Training, Notary Education, Notary Courses, Links to helpful information, Links to Facebook Groups, Links to YouTube videos, etc.  Basically, anything that we have come across and may be helpful to Notaries in the United States in their Notary Business.

We have included both GENERAL Notary knowledge that would be applicable for all States, We also are in the process of making a list for each state for state-specific resources.


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GENERAL (Applicable for All States) NOTARY RESOURCES

  1. Why EVERY Notary Needs Training – Article written by Brenda Stone
    Please take the time to read this article.  It is information that every notary needs!
  2. National Notary Association
    Website: – You can navigate to your state for applicable training information for your state.  Listed below are General resources from NNA.
    With over 55 years of expertise, the National Notary Association is the nation’s leader in providing Notary training and education. Incorporating State-specific requirements and standard practices, the NNA offers comprehensive live and online training programs designed to enable you to perform your duties professionally and proficiently throughout your Notary commission.
    NNA’s Facebook Page:
    NNA’s YouTube Channel:
    NNA’s Notary Essentials Training Course $59 (Learn the five steps that make notarizations simple and worry-free in this interactive online course. NOTE: This course does not satisfy any state training requirements.)
    NNA’s Notary Quick-Start Training Course $39 (Brush up on the five steps of a proper notarization with this 20-minute online course. Perfect for new Notaries and those who notarize now and then wanting to handle every acknowledgment and jurat with confidence. NOTE: This course does not cover state-specific requirements.)
    Here you will find a link to NNA’s Notary 101:
    Here you will find a link to NNA’s News:
    Here you will find a link to NNA’s Tip’s & Tutorials:
    Here you will find a link to NNA’s Signing Agent Guidelines: 
    Here you will find a link to NNA’s Reference Library:
    NNA Article by Daniel Lewis, published 09-07-16, Updated 07-31-19 – 5 Mistakes That cost Mobile Notaries Time and Money, Here are 5 of the biggest mistakes I have learned to avoid over the years.
  3. Notary Coach / Sign & Thrive Training Course
    Notary Coach Facebook:
    Notary Coach YouTube Channel:
    $33/mo or $330/year
    Online Course
    Learn to be an expert mobile notary and signing agent for the mortgage industry. We’ll show you step by step how to build your business to earn a part-time income of just $2,000 a month, or full-time income in the 6-figures. Flexible Schedule. Unlimited Income. Legitimate business. I’ve designed the Sign & Thrive Course to be an ongoing community of learning, based mainly on a subscription model. “100% Moneyback Guarantee (If this course isn’t everything you’d hoped for, cancel within your first 30 days, and I’ll refund all your money) Full access to the online Sign & Thrive Course Exclusive access to the private Facebook Group Full loan document packages to download and practice with Direct access to course creator, Bill Soroka Unlimited FREE 15 Minute Coaching Calls with Bill Free Document Review Video Calls for Whole Document Packages NNA Test Taking Parties Twice Per Month”
  4. Notary & Signing Agent Network – Facebook Group
    The files section in this group is an enormous amount of valuable information.  Everything from Handbooks, list of Signing Companies, Printer recommendations, Remote Online Notarization, New 1003 loan application, Tips on finding clients, info about Debt Settlements, Administering Oaths, Fees & Pricing Ideas, General Notary Handbook, to Notary Basics – Avoiding the Unauthorized Practice of Law and so much more.
    We are a mixture of seasoned notaries, notary signing agents, newly commissioned notaries, as well as a few folks who are just curious about becoming notaries and starting their own business. Potential Members are expected to answer entry questions. People who aren’t notaries are allowed in the group, but you must explain why you want to be a part of this group. Notaries must answer in the affirmative that they are notaries and provide at least the state that they are commissioned in. I know that some notaries do not want to provide their commission number (even though it’s public record), so if you don’t want to prove the number, skip that question. But, let us know you are a notary and what state you are commissioned in.
  5. Notary Professionals – Facebook Group
    In the Files section of this group, there is a lot of valuable information.   Everything from the FedEX Holiday Schedule, a Notary Public Handbook, an acknowledgment for split sighings, tips about what to do when business is slow, to info on Remote Closings Etc and they are always adding information.  They also share articles and very useful information in this group.  The description of the group is listed as follows:  This group is for all Notaries Public who are interested in exchanging ideas and information which will enhance their business opportunities. We will keep this group lively, informative and free of unprofessional behavior.
  6. Notary Networking – Facebook Group
    Hello! This group has been created for Notaries to discuss and share ideas. It doesn’t matter whether you specialize in signings, motor vehicle work, or if you’re just a simple mobile notary on the go. If you don’t have anything to share, then please feel free to read the posts and files.
    $49.00-$100 Online
    The regular price shows to be $99.95, however, we do see a sale price of $49.95 currently “Become a Notary with Online Notary Training in Your State Interested in becoming a notary public?
    Their Description:  We currently offer state-specific online notary training throughout most of the country. Notary training is available in 46 states and Washington D.C., including mandatory education states of California, Oregon, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Montana. Use the interactive map on the right to learn more about how can help you become a notary.” “State-Specific Notary Laws and Information 2.5 Hours+ of Streaming On-Demand Video Instruction 12 Months of Unlimited Access Immediate access to Proof of Completion Certificate (PDF) Course forums to receive updates, ask questions and interact with other students” Blog:  (Many very informative and informational articles that are well worth your time, especially for every new notary.)
  8. Notary Learning Center
    Free when you purchase a Notary Supply Package at The Notary Store ( current price $49) Online Study Course: “Notary Public Education Course” This self-study eBook entitled “Notary Public Education Course” presents information on Notary Public qualifications, duties, and responsibilities as a broad overview. All notary laws vary from state to state, so you need to be familiar with your particular state’s requirements. You will be asked throughout this course of study to refer to your state notary laws and requirements for guidance on specific topics.
  9. American Society of Notaries
    The American Society of Notaries offers Pennsylvania notary training, Florida notary training, California notary trailing, and Missouri notary training courses that meet the mandatory requirements. They also offer General Education Courses for Alabama, Georgia, Texas and an All-state Education course
    $23 Member, $30 Non-member Online
    You may take up to two weeks to finish this course from the date of your initial log-in. Within that time, take a break at any time or log out of the course and return at a later date. ASN’s Alabama Notary Education Course provides comprehensive coverage of Alabama state guidelines and notarial practices for Alabama notaries. This training course is NOT a state-required course. This informative notary training course also explores the notary’s role in society and obligation to the lawful and ethical performance of official notarial duties.
  10. Notary
    $49.00 Online
    Notary Signing Agent – Complete Course “You are already a notary public – why not become a certified notary signing agent and earn more money? – offers an online preparation course to assist you in becoming a certified notary signing agent. – The course will prepare you to understand what you really need to as a notary signing agent. – We offer a list of website to enlist your services. – There are 30 multiple choice questions, with a passing grade of 75% required in order to receive a notary signing agent certificate by mail. – Sample of many loan documents. – This course includes the notary signing agent certification exam.”
  11. Notary2Pro
    Notary2Pro Facebook page:
    NOTARY SIGNING AGENT COURSES WITH MENTORINGNotary Signing Agent Course ~ Advanced Course ~ Reverse Mortgage ~ Mentoring Includes Exam, Certification, Library Access, Resource Manual  General Notary Course or State Specific Notary Course (if available) 3-month course access (plus remaining month of signup)
    $195* no expiration on mentoring only.
     All courses include the following:  Free testing until you pass, Free Nationally Recognized Certification, 3 Month (plus) access to the course(s), Library: Audio, Video, Printable items & more, Exclusive Client List (hiring our graduates), Free access to graduate website (see  below)
    We also offer:  I-9 Training: all Notary2Pro Graduates get placed #1 on the list upon certification, Military Discounts, Husbands & Wives 2 for 1, Subscription Service for students
  12. Notary Learning Center
    The Notary Learning Center is now offering educational and training materials for all states. Our education and training program content varies by state.
    In California, where our company headquarters are located, we offer the following:
    • Live Classes for mandatory notary education.
    • Online Course for mandatory notary education.
      All of the above courses are approved by the California Secretary of State.
    If you are located in another state, we offer to all seeking to become a notary public our Notary Public Education Course. This eBook Educational Course covers notary public qualifications, duties, and responsibilities. If you purchase a notary supply package from The Notary’s Store, a part of the Notary Learning Center, we will include this eBook Educational Course for FREE.
    Notaries need to be aware that some states have special education requirements for becoming a Notary Public.
    Select a state name to view our Education and Training material. 
  13. Notary Training Network
    3 hour classroom Workshop $75
    Notary Training Network, based in Baltimore, Maryland provides monthly notary training workshops and events for notaries. Live workshops are open to notaries in the Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia area and virtual events are open to all notaries. Notaries outside of Maryland can benefit as well because they are able to get a customized consultation for business advice or if they need help getting started as a notary. The Notary Training Network was created to provide professional development training for notary publics and notary entrepreneurs.
  14. Loan Signing System
    Loan Signing System Facebook:
    Fundamental 2.0 $197
    Professional 2.0 $297
    Six Figure 2.0 $797
    Compare above courses here:
    Free Resources Page Link:
    Master Simple Skills that Can Make You $75 to $200 per Appointment
    Watch step-by-step training videos on how you can build a successful notary loan signing agent business.
    Learn an effective, effortless way to get loan signing jobs as early as this week.​
    Get Your Notary Signing Agent Certification with the most hands on training available!​
    Master expert loan signing marketing techniques so you can get the highest paying loan signing jobs directly from escrow offices.
    100% Money Back Guarantee, 30-day money back guarantee
    Whether you’re just getting started as a notary signing agent, or you have many years of experience, Loan Signing System is guaranteed to help.  
    If you don’t get the absolute best training to build and grow a successful signing agent business or if you simply don’t like the Loan Signing System course for any reason, simply let us know within 30 days and you will get a full refund. 
  15. Notary2Notary
    Notary2Notary Facebook:
    $250 *****SPECIAL****
    1. License & Insurance – Testing/Application to obtain your Notary License & Insurance requirements by state.
    2. Notary Supplies & How to complete Notarizations PROPERLY. How to charge for your services which varies by state and circumstances.
    3. Signing Agent Training with list of reputable signing companies to register with as well as ones to stay away from.
    4. Marketing- Simple website build, marketing techniques to produce a steady flow of notary clients, tips and techniques to teach you how to grow your client list in addition to real estate closing transactions.
    5. Taxes & Financial Tips- Training on benefits of self-employment, tax benefits/deductions, brief overview on filing self-employment tax returns.
  16. MAKE YOUR BUSINESS OUR BUSINESS – An Interactive, Step-by-Step Guide to Policies, Procedures, & Profits by Judith P Lawrence and Daniel C Lewis
    eBook – $12.99 (AZW, EPub, PDF)
    Paperback – $26.95
    Paperback & eBook – $39.94
    MAKE YOUR BUSINESS OUR BUSINESS – An Interactive, Step-by-Step Guide to Policies, Procedures, & Profits – by Judith P. Lawrence and Daniel C. Lewis
    Overview: This book is for anyone who wishes to become an entrepreneur, and specifically notaries. It is a step-by-step guideline as to how to create a business. Authors Daniel C. Lewis and Judith P. Lawrence are from opposite sides of the country, having connected on Linkedin, and having decided to combine their decades of business expertise to help others to either start a new business or make a transition to a different business easier. Daniel, who frequently lectures about starting a new career, knows first-hand the kind of hard work it takes to develop a new business. Judith, for whom this is a second life career, knows what it is like to be knocked all the way down and fight to come all the way back. This interactive book is a combination of facts and funny stories. The readers will learn about the PPP theory … Policies, Procedures and Profits which will enhance their businesses immediately.
    Description:  Judith Lawrence was employed by a law firm for many years and suddenly, without revocation and at 60, had no job. After some serious struggles she reinvented herself and today is a business owner and entrepreneur. She delivers a strong message in this book that it is never too late and that with hard work and determination you can turn around your life. There are presently 4.5 million notaries throughout the United States. Achieving genuine success as a notary entrepreneur in the past has been can be complicated but now,with the help of this book, a notary can become the most profitable and connected notary in a specific area. Thanks to the exhaustive research of two of the most sought after professional notaries in the country, this book compiles a simple step-by-step process to be efficient and profitable. Inasmuch as various states have their own specific guidelines, we have inserted links so that the readers can check their own specific state to determine how things should be done. We believe that the readers will find this indispensable. The sections range from general business, to notary business, to technology including social media. There is also a section entitled “Did You Know” which has numerous things that a notary can do in addition to basic notarization. Policies, procedures and Profits are the theme of the book. These triple “P’s” gives the reader an unrelenting view of effective, efficient business practices. We also touch on how to become a Certified Notary Signing Agent and how to become a Mobile Signing Agent. We are hopeful that these two functions of a notary will be our next book. Steve Jobs once said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” The authors would like the readers to use this book to be their support and the authors to be their support team. The authors are both coaches and will offer additional coaching services.
  17. Notary Public and Signing Agent Discussion Board – Facebook Group
    This group is for discussions pertaining to both general notary work and loan signings. Share your ideas, stories, photos and laughs. Let everyone know who’s a good company to work for and who isn’t.
  18. Notary Public Mentor Facebook Group
    Now that you are a Notary Public, how to you build and grow your business? Notaries spend money to get certified, spend money to learn how to do Loan Document Signings and then…. wonder how to get the phone to ring. You have come to the right place. Whether you want to earn an extra $500/month or $5,000/month. This group is meant to be for Notaries in the US, or its Territories…. In order to join the group, your profile should indicate that you ARE a Notary Public, or working in a complementing field to the industry. This is Facebook (not “Logobook”), and as such please have a “real” picture”…
  19. Public Speaking for The Notary Public – Article on LinkedIn
    5 Ways Public Speaking Skills Help Notaries Succeded
    by Bill Soroka
  20. 22 Ways to Make Money As a Notary – NNA Article by Daniel Lewis, Published on May 06, 2015 – Updated 06-10-19
  21. 5 Tips for Notaries Charging Travel Fees – NNA Article by David Thun on June 17, 2015, Updated 06-03-19
  22. Custom ID Badge with Holder and Lanyard
    Order Link on Facebook:
  23. Notarizing Documents: FAQ – Loan Documents
    YouTube Video 4:51:
    In this video Loan Partner and Notary Public at Rate One Financial Tiffany answers some frequently asked questions about signing documents with a Notary Public! Remember to subscribe to our channel for more!
  24. Making Money as a Notary: 5 Surefire Tips (NNA)
    YouTube Video 4:45:
    Increase your income as a Notary Public with these 5 tips from NNA 2010 Notary of the Year Daniel Lewis. Get Daniel’s full list of 22 money-making tips here:
  25. The Mobile Notary Network
    YouTube Video Channel:
    Here I will discuss all things Mobile Notary. There is a country of mobile Notary Publics and those who are interested in becoming a Notary Public who need to learn how to improve their services, knowledge and better their lives as a self-employed Notary. Once you get your Notary commission, there is so much to learn in order to get started in the business and then there is 100 times more to learn once you begin to receive work. It takes years to become efficient and knowledgeable. The Mobile Notary Network will put you on the fast track to success and will offer helpful information to those already in the business. Signings can be a breeze when you understand all that is required to provide amazing services that are efficient, accurate and consistent. Stay tuned because we hope to help. Also, visit for more great information.
  26. Notary Coach – Profiles in Ink – Notary Stories
    YouTube PlayList: 
  27. What’s a Medallion Signature Guarantee? – Article by lifehacker, Lisa Rowan published 06-20-19 
  28. I-9 Forms – An I-9 is not a form that is actually Notarized.  However, many companies will contact Notaries to request them to notarize them.  Here is a link with instructions on how to properly complete an I-9 form ***Be sure to check your state laws and make sure that you are allowed to complete I-9s in your State***
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