Do both the buyer and the seller have to be present for a notary to notarize a Louisiana title?

This is not a simple yes or no question.

In SOME situations it is possible for a notary to notarize a title if TWO witnesses were PRESENT and signed the title as witnesses when the seller signed the title. (They MUST have actually witnessed the seller signing) AND one of those witnesses is available, with acceptable picture identification, to go to the notary using what is called an “acknowledgment of witness”. BUT this does not always work!!!!! If there are ANY mistakes, then an act of correction may be required, which can require the seller and/or buyer to be present with a notary to notarize the correction. (Keep in mind…. you may not always be able to find the seller after they have their money.) This will not work if it is a double or triple transfer (unless you have a bill of sale prepared with an acknowledgment of witness on it). This will not work with an out-of-state title.

If the seller has already signed the title and you have two witnesses you can text us a picture of the front and the back of the title and we will be able to assist you by looking over the document and let you know if your title can be notarized by acknowledgment of witness.

The best scenario is to have BOTH buyer and seller present WITH the notary at the time of the sale. A bill of sale can be issued for the seller to have for their records and the title can be completed along with any corrections if needed.

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