Notary Services

Please contact us with any questions about the document you need to be notarized at 337-436-4003.


Vehicle Transfers
Do Both parties have to be present? In most cases YES. However, if you meet all the necessary requirements we may be able to notarize the title by an acknowledgment of witness.  Please contact us for details.

Do I need a Bill of Sale when I Sell a Vehicle?
I will provide the bill of sale form when it is required. In some situations, you are required to have a bill of sale as part of your transaction. Some situations you are not. Please contact us for details.

Act of Donation
This form is used when one individual is GIFTING a vehicle to another individual AND NO MONEY is being transferred between parties. This form is used in addition to the title. The form must be notarized PLUS you must have two witnesses for a Louisiana Donation. Sometimes we can provide witnesses. Please contact us for details.

Handgun Bill of Sale
We are not attorneys and can not give you legal advice.  If you request a Handgun Bill of Sale we are happy to provide you with a form.  You will need to provide the model and the serial number of the handgun.  With a Handgun Bill of Sale, you have a record of when on to whom you sold the handgun.

Real Estate Closings &; Re-finances
We provide what is called a Notary Closing. We are prepared to receive documents via e-docs.  We can do scan or fax backs for an additional fee.  Please note that we DO NOT go to private homes.

Power of Attorney
Specific Power of Attorney is a power of attorney that gives someone permission to do a specific act only.
General Power of Attorney is a power of attorney that gives another individual authority to act on your behalf in any and all of your personal business matters. (If it is also a Durable Power of Attorney it remains in effect if the principal becomes incapacitated.)

An affidavit is a sworn statement that is notarized. The person signing the affidavit must be present with identification and sign the document in front of the notary.

Hospital Notary
We provide mobile notary services at local hospitals.

Jail Notary Service
We provide mobile notary service at local jails and correctional centers.  (Note that the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center and the Calcasieu Parish Prison will only allow a Notary to provide services Weekdays 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, however, our experience is the best time to go to the jail is between 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm. (In the morning they do headcount and they run lunch from 10:00 ish to 12:15 ish)

Nursing Home Notary Service
We provide mobile notary service at local nursing homes.

Out of State Title for NON-NOTARY States

Disclosure:  I am not an employee of the Louisana Department of Motor Vehicles.  These are my TIPS from 18+ years doing notary work in Louisiana.

Please review all the applicable policies on the Louisiana Department of Public Safety Website for out of state titles at: LA DMV Non-Notary State Policy as of 05-04-18

  1.  Make sure the vehicle title is a NON-NOTARY STATE as of 05-04-18 this list of Non-Notary states according to the LA DMV website (

2. If the vehicle is on this list that means that state does not require the title to be notarized BUT there are additional things you need to have.

3. Make sure there a not scratch outs or white-out on any documents, if there are you will need to meet with a notary to do a NOTARIZED affidavit of correction. In some situations, both the buyer and seller must meet with the notary to sign the affidavit of correction.

4. Make sure the seller signs the title EXACTLY as their name is printed on the front of the TITLE.

5. Make sure the buyer signs the title EXACTLY as their name is printed on your driver's license (not how it is signed, how it is typed... example, if your middle initial is on your driver's license, or middle name, or Jr, or ii, iii, it must match what you put on the title and bill of sale)

6. The bill of sale, must include:
a. Buyer and Seller's signature and printed (EXACTLY) the same way as was on the title
b. Date of Sale
c.  Amount of Sale
d. Vehicle Description, Year, Make, VIN NUMBER
e. Bill of Sale DOES NOT have to be notarized IF you have a copy of the seller's out of state driver's license (FRONT AND BACK) 

7. Copy of seller's OUT OF STATE driver's license. If the seller has a Louisiana driver's license the DMV will charge the new purchaser a DOUBLE TRANSFER FEE.

8. If the seller does not want to give a copy of their an out of state driver's license you can either have your bill of sale notarized OUTSIDE OF THE STATE OF LOUISIANA OR the seller can sign a non- residence affidavit in front of a NOTARY.

Please go to the link above and review the current Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicle Regulations. The policies are always changing. We can not guarantee you that the policy has not changed. This was updated on 05-05-18.  Again, these are just my TIPS,  This is not intended to be Legal Advice.

Please review the DMV's current policy.  One of the policies you may want to read is:  BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR OBTAINING A CERTIFICATE OF TITLE

You can also search the DMV's policies at: