Towing, Mechanic, & Storage Liens

We have been approved by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety to be an authorized agent for towing and storage facilities. We presently provide this service to other businesses like yours. 

We have 25 years experience and have processed thousands of Towing/Storage liens, including processing your ORSV forms, notices to the owners and lien holders, bid forms, digital copies of your files, and submitting your permit file to the Specialized Plate Unit of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety for issuance of the Permit to Sell or Dismantle.


What is a Towing, Storage, or Mechanic's Lien?

Basically, when a vehicle is left at your business and you have towing, storage, or repair fees on the vehicle, you can get a Permit to Sell (title) so you can sell the vehicle.  You must have a Storage Inspection License which is issued by the State Police.

When can a Mechanic's Lien, Towing Lien, or Storage Lien be used?

There is no waiting period. When a customer leaves a vehicle on your property the business can start storage as soon as it feels necessary, HOWEVER you must start the paperwork on that vehicle when you start charging storage.

How Does It Work?

There is a specific detailed process of paperwork that is required by law for the business to be authorized to charge storage and obtain the Permit to Sell (Title). Once you have your Storage License and a customer leaves a vehicle* on your property you contact me. I will start the process for you. I will handle everything from start to finish.


The vehicle MUST be located on your property.
Have Storage Inspection License (This is a simple one-page form)
Accurate Vin number picture of the vehicle 

How Long does it take?

Every vehicle is different. The shortest possible time would be about 70 days, there is no way to say the longest amount of time it could take. Once the state reviews the file, they may require additional steps to be performed. When the file meets all requirements they will process a Permit to Sell or Permit to Dismantle. I can not guarantee how long it will take the state to process the file.  I have seen it take them process anywhere from a few weeks to months. (It depends on their workload at the time they receive the file).


Don't worry, I have 25 years experience with this and you don't have to do anything, I will handle it all!

Contact me today and I will help you get the process started.

Vehicle* is anything that is titled through the Louisiana Department of Public Safety, including but not limited to automobiles, mobile homes, utility trailers, boat trailer etc.