Can a notary prepare my Divorce Papers?

No, Divorce papers are a petition to the court and a notary is not allowed to prepare or assist you in preparing these documents. We are allowed to notarize them. You either need to have an attorney prepare them, or you can prepare them yourself.

If you have questions about the “process” please check our links page for the link to the 14th JDC Self Help page for guidance. There you will find Frequently Asked Questions, Forms, Instructions, and more.

Please make sure that all blanks are filled in on your documents for the person that is meeting with the notary, except the signature (We CAN NOT notarize incomplete documents).

Reminder: Wait to sign in front of the notary.

Call or Text A1 Mobile Notary at 337-540-6521 with questions about your specific situation and we are happy to help.

I am not an attorney and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.